Front End Web Developer | UX Designer | Photographer

I am a Los Angeles-based, proud General Assembly graduate specializing in front-end web development. In addition, I have an eye on UX Design. I love the creativity front-end web development allows and I am looking forward to viewing web development from the user's perspective through immersion in UX design. I am excited to see what my future holds in the development community and would love to grow and learn with a supportive team!

As a web developer with clinical social work experience, I am essentially a problem-solving super star; an extensive background serving diverse communities has given me an excellent understanding of how best to contribute, collaborate, and create with others to achieve a unified goal.

Owning my own photography business has helped me to sharpen my artistry and resourcefulness, which in turn has inspired me to immerse myself in the development of responsive and innovative applications.

My training in social work combined with my entrepreneurial spirit and knowledge of front end web development makes me a unique asset to any UX design team, and I am excited to incorporate the sum of all my skills in an inspired and challenging environment.

What my mom has to say about this portfolio site:

"Couldn't you have picked a picture of yourself where you are smiling?"
"There's so many things to click on, I didn't understand what was happening."
"Daddy said he likes it!"