UX Designer | Front End Web Developer

I'm a Los Angeles-based UX Designer and Front End Developer. Specializing in User Research, I love learning about users and how to provide them with a unique and satisfying experience. I enjoy seeking out pain points and addressing what is often a complex issue with a simple and easy-to-use design.

My training in social work combined with my knowledge of front end web development makes me a unique asset to any design team, and I am excited to incorporate the sum of all my skills in an inspired and challenging environment.

Web Development Work

UX Work


Role: User Researcher, Visual Designer, UX Designer, and UI Designer

Made with: paper & pencil, FaceTime, Adobe Illustrator, Sketch, and InVision

Find out about my process here.

What my mom has to say about this portfolio site:

"Couldn't you have picked a picture of yourself where you are smiling?"
"There's so many things to click on, I didn't understand what was happening."
"Daddy said he likes it!"